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Self-storage facilities have been in existence for a long time, but in the recent years, they have really become very popular in the United States.

In fact, the demand for self-storage facilities in Pennssylvania and all throughout the United States in the recent years has outpaced the supply.

The want for self-storage units goes to show how much many people are in constant need to get some extra space to keep their items, mostly for short periods of time until they relocate to a new location or dispose of the items.

Below are 3 tips about storing your items in self-storage units that no one teaches. We hope they might be of help to you when using the self-storage units.

3 Tips And Ideas About Storing Your Items In Self-storage Units

  1. Always avoid leaving any of your items on the floor. As obvious as this might seem to some people, most do not know of it. Leaving your items on the floor exposes them to damage by soaking in fluids that may seep into the unit. Pallets are recommended for raising your items above the floor.
  2. Wrap your items. Another tip for self-storage is wrapping all the items that can be wrapped before storing. Use industrial plastic sheets to wrap items to prevent dust accumulation and keeping vermin and moisture from getting to the items.
  3. Labeling is one of the major overlooked tips in self-storage. Since people know what items they are storing in the storage facilities, they feel that they do not need to label them. Labeling reminds you exactly where every item is when the time for you to take out the items comes. This way, one is able to easily locate the items and also not have to open multiple boxes before they can find the right item.


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