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While packing for a move, you know how to pack the dishes and the clothing. You can manage to move the antique furniture without scratching or dinging it, but what about packing paintings?

Self Storage Tips for Moving or Packing Paintings

Over time, there is a good chance that you may have acquired some oil paintings that you never thought about moving or packing for storage. There is a way to pack them for transport and/or self storage so they will be safe and arrive safely at your new destination.

Unframed artwork can be placed in large enough boxes that it will be perfectly flat. Don’t roll up your artwork. Use acid free paper between pieces and place cardboard in between also. Make corner pieces from paper and place over corners. Tape the paper corners to the cardboard so the painting will stay in place and won’t shift. Wrap all in bubble wrap and place inside a box marked ‘fragile artwork.’

How to Pack Paintings for Self Storage or MovingFramed paintings must be packed in high quality boxes. Moving companies sell mirror packing boxes that work very well for framed paintings. Depending on the size of your painting, if it’s larger than the largest box you can find, you will need to fabricate your own box.

Make sure the box is slightly larger than the painting on all sides for extra padding. Do this easily by connecting two or more boxes together in telescope fashion. You can simply open up the boxes where they need to be extended and add more length or width by cutting other boxes and adding pieces until its big enough.

Before you place the painting in the box, wrap the whole piece and frame in bubble wrap. Use or make impromptu corner cards from the boxes you cut up. Place a big X of masking tape across the painting’s front side. This will hold it inside the frame should the glass break when moving. Now stuff some padding, bubble wrap, or other material into the bottom and sides and slide it in. Place more on the top before you close the box so that there is extra padding all the way around. Tape the box up with tape and run the tape all the way around the ends.

When you load the truck for the move, make sure that your art pieces will not be laid down and will remain upright during the trip. Shipping companies sometimes have specialists that move art pieces and valuables and will offer you full replacement value insurance. If you’ll be moving your items yourself take care to place the paintings in a good place where nothing sharp or with an edge can harm the painting if the load shifts.

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