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Storage will require you to rent a moving truckUsing a moving truck to move your things into a storage unit is one way to get everything moved in one day. Use the method professional movers use to best pack their trucks for stability and safety.

Self Storage Selinsgrove PAMoving your household or even part of it, to storage will require you to rent a moving truck if you have a sizable load. If you can get away with using a pickup truck you can either use your own, of course, or find someone who has one that you can hire to help you get your items into the storage facility. If you rent a larger moving truck you need to take note of the best ways to load the truck.

Loading the moving truck should be done according to best practices recommendations of professionals who do it every day. They have a specific way in which the trucks are loaded to avoid boxes and furniture toppling over. That’s the best way to keep your things safe from breakage and awkward unloading when you get to the storage unit.

Gather your items so you can get a good overview of what you’ll need to load on the truck. The heaviest things should go into the truck first. This is the way to keep the truck stable on the road. Then load the items you will need to get access to while being stored, if necessary. Remember that the things going onto the truck first will be last unloaded. Those are the things that will more easily end up near the door of the unit.

Picture the truck box as 4 separate spaces. Loading the truck ¼ at a time, you can pack that area from floor to ceiling tightly and secure that area with ropes. There are rings installed in most trucks that are used to tie the loads down.

Large furniture should go in the front of the truck along the wall. This would be large appliances, heavy sofas, dressers, and china hutches, for example. Use blankets between furniture to avoid scratches. Large pieces of artwork, paintings, framed mirrors, and other flat breakables can be slid along the walls and protected to keep them flat and upright. This is also a good place for mattresses.

The lighter items go on the tops of the other heavier things. Chairs, bookshelves, tables, and other things that are large, but light weight can go near the back of the truck and on top of other items securely tied down. Be sure to keep your valuable documents out of the truck and in your possession so they can be easily found when needed.