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The industry of self-storage units is majorly an industry based in the United States of America.

Although the industry is gaining popularity in other parts of the world like the United Kingdom, about 79% of the storage units are in the United States.

These self-storage facilities provide storage space for renting usually on short term basis although there are options for leasing on a long – term basis.

Short term self-storage is the most common because the tenants are usually people who are relocating to another place and need space to store their items until they can move them to the new location.

Most short term self-storage facilities do not offer climate-controlled self-storage units. Storing items in such units could result in their damage by elements of the weather such as heat and humidity. These are some of the best practices that the tenant can undertake to protect their items while in storage.

Protecting Furniture That Is In Self Storage

Furniture is at the top of the list of items that would require self-storage space. Wooden furniture such as tables and chairs are susceptible to damage by humid conditions.

  • To protect wooden furniture in public storage, ensure that you clean them and then apply a wood wax shield to protect them from humidity.
  • Upholstered furniture such as sofas and couches should be cleaned and dried before storage to prevent mold or mildew from growing on them.
  • Additionally, the furniture can be wrapped in plastic sheets fastened with masking tape. The plastic does not only protect the furniture from the elements of weather but also keeps out wood-burrowing insects and vermin.

It is also advisable to disassemble the removable parts of the furniture to avoid breakages during storage and transportation.