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Do Not Store Pets at Self StoragePets can be stored if necessary while you move, but certainly not at a storage facility.

Public Storage Selinsgrove PA – Ideal Self StorageYou can store just about anything in a self storage facility. One thing you won’t be able to store, however, is your pet. You can store away Fido in a pet motel or perhaps a friend or neighbor can take care of him for a period of time while you are selling your home or packing up to move. This is probably appropriate if you think of the pet as a family member. You wouldn’t store your children in a storage facility!

The pets in your life will be going through changes along with the rest of the family. Keep in mind that your best friend may be uncomfortable and may even be frightened by all the moving and boxing up that’s happening. That was learned through personal experience when one of our more mellow dogs became anxious while we were packing boxes. After two days, we found him curled up inside of a moving box on top of some things that had been packed. We chased him out of the box, but found him once again in another box in the next room when we began packing that room. In this case it may have been better to ‘store’ him at a friend’s home while we finished our packing and furniture moving.

This will depend on the personality of your dog or cat, of course. The important thing to remember is that the animal feels that he or she is part of your family and needs to be accommodated as such. The moving out is the most traumatic part of the process. You can make them feel quite comfortable in a hurry at the new house when they see that they have not been left behind.

Try taking a familiar blanket or toy or even his bed and placing it into the new house prior to his arrival if possible. You may not want the smelly old dog bed in your nice new home, but if you can tolerate it at least for a while, you’ll make his life much more tolerable. You can replace the bed with a new one once you get settled in and he understands that this is his new home.

If you have a somewhat nervous dog you might consider keeping him close to you while you go through the process, or place him with a familiar friend that the dog likes. Once you get to the new place you can pick him up and show him his new home, complete with the familiar smell of his old dog bed.