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Something not often thought of when placing items in storage is the order in which you will want to remove them.

Pennsylvania Public Storage –  You’ve placed all or most of your household items in storage at your chosen facility. Now when you have completed the time period for your storage of items, there will be a point where you must remove them and unpack. This is easy enough to do if you have placed everything according to your future removal process. This is rarely done, as you were most likely not thinking that far in advance. Most people don’t do so, making it difficult to put the storage in reverse and take everything out.

How to Unpack Your ItemsWhere ever possible, the very best way to avoid the disorganization at the removal of your items from storage is to place them in with the boxes you want to get to first at the front of the unit. That means they’ll go in last.

The things that aren’t needed will be placed into the back of the unit. This would be things like out of season clothing, extra little used appliances, sporting goods, and anything else that would be excess and not needed right away.

Moving from one home to another, you’ll need your essentials to be most easily accessible so if you’re able to time your storage and organize the ultimate goal should be to place everything in reverse order of need. If you have time to store them in reverse it will be much easier to take them out and unpack them.

The biggest concern when you move will be to get everything out of the old house and into storage. At this point you have time frames that must be met. Perhaps the new owner of the house wants possession in 30 days, but you haven’t found your new place yet and will be renting an apartment or staying with friends or relatives until you do. You’ll have limited time to get your things placed into storage.

It’s somewhat relieving, though, to remember that as hectic as it may be now and through the moving out process, you’ll be on your own time frame once you move into your new location. In other words, it might be a bit stressful at one point, but you’ll have all the time in the world to unpack once you get settled.

If you pack and store your boxes properly, it can actually be enjoyable unpacking to start life in a new place. The best favor you can do for yourself is to mark all boxes well, especially with the intended room visible on every box and storage container. Place each box in its intended room and begin to unload them one at a time.