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Tips for Those New to Self StorageAre you new to self storage? There are a few tips that can help you to decide which facility is best for you and how to store your items.

Self Storage Tips – Freeburg PA Public Storage: Are you considering a self storage unit to store some of your items but don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Those who have done this before know the ropes. It’s not complicated but you do need a starting point. The first consideration to make is where you will rent your storage unit.

1) Decide what you plan to store in it. Just saying that you have too much ‘stuff’ and need to store some of it won’t tell you what you need to know. Once you decide what can be stored away, you can determine what type of storage facility you will need and how big of a unit you must rent. If you have fine antiques that need specific temperatures or moistures levels, you’ll be looking for a facility that has climate controlled units for rent. If it’s just a lot of excess off season clutter that’s in your way you can get away with storing that in a standard unit. Just figure out how much room you need for it. Don’t forget to add space to move around when you do your calculations. Leave yourself a pathway or two in case you need to access anything or take inventory. Things you may need should be stored near the front door.

2) If your stored items are very valuable and are not covered in your home owner’s insurance if you store them elsewhere, make sure that the facility of choice offers in-house insurance and a good security system. Also, it’s nice to have 24 hours access to your unit, but you might want to trade a bit of convenience for secured and guarded grounds. Some 24 hour access facilities have a somewhat loose access rules and may be targets for thieves who get in on someone else’s access card or code. Good security surveillance systems and fenced access are a good start. Some facilities still have managers living on site, which is always a good indication of a more secure facility.

3) Getting your items to the storage facility is going to be your responsibility. You’ll also need to be able to offload your things from the truck or car and place them in the unit. Some facilities rent everything from boxes and bubble wrap to trucks that you can use to move your things. Ask when you are researching local facilities. Tow dollies and furniture or appliance dollies may also be available for you to rent or borrow.