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Tips for First Time Self Storage Users“The more boxes you can find or buy that are of similar size, the better.”

Self Storage Sunbury PA: Taking your excess items to self storage makes good sense. For the small monthly rental fee you can once again find the workbench in your garage or keep the home owner’s association from sending more letters about your boat in the driveway. Boats are fairly simple to store, but the little items and furniture from the house seem to require more thought about their packing.

The more boxes you can find or buy that are of similar size, the better. They stack easily and can be labeled with the main contents so you can see what’s inside at a glance. Take a few extra moments to identify the boxes on all sides. In the boxes, place heavy items in the bottom with lighter things on top. Don’t let the boxes get too heavy. When you place things into the unit, leave a ventilation space between the wall and your items.

Pallets work very well to keep your things from sitting on the floor directly. Blankets will work if you don’t have pallets. Items you aren’t likely to need or use should be placed in first, and toward the back. The things you might need or want to access can be placed in last, so they are easiest to reach when you need them.

Appliances should be cleaned out completely before you store them. Refrigerators should be propped open slightly or you’ll find mold growing when you return. Metal tools, toys, and bicycles can be rubbed with oil so they don’t rust. If they are oiled, take care not to store them too close to items that would be stained by the oil.

Mirrors and paintings, along with wall photos in large frames, should be stored on their ends. Wrap each of the items separately and put a fragile label on each of them. Wrap them in blankets or towels to help insulate them from damage. Protect the frames with foam or cardboard taped over the corners. Never lay them flat.

Bed frames and other larger items of furniture should be dismantled wherever possible. One of the great frustrations in life is to get your bed out of storage to place it in your new house, but the bolts and screws are missing. Place the hardware for reassembly in a sandwich bag or other container and fasten it to the larger parts so they are handy when you want to rebuild it. You’ll be glad you did.