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Selinsgrove Self Storage: As with most things in life, the application of common sense can solve most problems. After all, putting your things in a self storage unit does not require any specialized skills. There are no hard and fast rules that apply to the concept of self storage, and what needs to be done really depends on each individual’s requirements. These requirements are based on the items that have to be stored. Every type of item has its own needs – such as furniture, electronic equipment, books, clothes, crockery and so on. So do an assessment of the material to be stored, how it needs to be packed and the best way to store it. And then use your common sense to do the needful. You just can’t go wrong.

Choosing a self storage unitFor instance, common sense will tell you that if you’re going to store clothes in boxes, you shouldn’t place moth balls inside the clothes as they are likely to leave stains. Common sense will also tell you that all articles of clothing should be checked and pockets emptied out before packing in case there are any edible items that can attract pests. Similarly, vacuum all upholstered objects to eliminate any food crumbs that may be clinging to them. Needless to add, any kind of food, apart from canned foods, should never be placed in storage.

Another area where the use of common sense is vital is in the storage of expensive electronic goods and antiques. In addition to a detailed inventory of these items, you should ideally photograph everything that is valuable as part of your records. These will come in very handy if anything goes missing at a later stage. There are other precautions you can take prior to self storage – just use common sense to do so.